Children's Program - 2017

During Traditional Song (July 9-15), Celtic (July 16-22) and Old-Time Music & Dance (July 23-29) Weeks we offer a full-day program, taught by Melissa Hyman, for children ages 6-12. Remember, space is limited. Children must have turned 6 by July 1st to participate. No exceptions please. Program activities are scheduled during class periods, and parents are responsible for their children at all other times. Those bringing children should indicate so on their registration form. Children 12 and under may stay in a room with two adults, at least one of whom is a registered student, at no charge, other than the cost of meals. The accompanying adult should provide each child's bedding (mattress, sheets, blankets, pillow), and both adults must request the arrangement. In the case of a single adult with child(ren), they will be housed together and charged an additional $175 for the week as long as space permits. Evening childcare for ages 3-12 will be provided at no additional cost.

Programs for 2017

This summer, we will enter the fascinating ancient world of DINOSAURS! You are cordially invited to join our crack team of Swannanoa's preeminent paleontologists. Our mission: to discover the world of those "terrible lizards" who walked the Earth millions of year ago. Be sure to bring your curiosity and creativity...and don't forget to pack any fossils you have lying around the house! We'll learn about the ancient world of the gentle Triceratops, Stegosaurus and Apatosaurus - and, of course, dreaded carnivores like Velociraptor and Tyrannosaurus Rex - through crafts, music, games and stories. We'll make new friends, play our favorite messy games and dress up in crazy clothes. We'll write our own original dino-themed songs with the help of our very talented music teacher, Jane Kramer. At the end of the week parents will get to hear us sing and see the crafts we've made at our big performance at the Student Showcase. As a special treat, we will be visited throughout the week by wandering musicians and artists (Gathering Staff) who will perform just for the kids. We will, of course, continue our beloved traditions of shaving cream hairdos, movie night, crazy contests and the Gathering Scavenger Hunt. It'll be a journey you won't soon forget! There is a $30 art/craft materials fee for this class; fee is payable by cash or check to Melissa Hyman, the Children's Program coordinator, on arrival.

A typical day includes a lot of arts & crafts, games, swimming, jokes, snacks, silliness AND singing, singing, singing AND music class. Melissa hires a dedicated music teacher to come in after lunch each day and she performs with the children at the end of the week in the student showcase. There will also be visitations from Gathering staff each day, sort of like mini-concerts, just for the kids!